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Full Cheek Snaffle Corkscrew
Full Cheek Snaffle Corkscrew


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Product Code: FCSC

Mouth Size:

The Fulmer cheek piece, will have the same effect as the traditional Eggbutt in so much as, it will prevent pinching on the sides of the mouth, however the extended pins above and below the bit, firstly prevent the bit being pulled through the mouth and secondly have the effect of guiding the horses head which is great for schooling and training purposes.

Our Snaffle is a popular bit due to the curved mouthpiece which distributes pressure more evenly over tongue and bars. With the offset center link it will reduce the nut cracker action and pressure points on the tongue.

The Corkscrew mouthpiece is grooved to offer extra control over strong horses. The groove in the mouthpiece causes edges that result in pressure points in the horse's mouth. The edges amplify pressure on the mouth, especially the bars and tongue, and also act on the lips. This offers the rider more control than a smooth mouthpiece, and can help to prevent the horse from leaning.

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